5 Day Peak Performance Challenge

Together we will identify the #1 challenge preventing you from leveling up your profits...and remove it in 5 days

What We Will Focus On

The goal of this 5 Day Challenge is to help you get into the peak performance state during every stage of the trading process. We will focus on helping you optimize the following areas:

  1. Emotional Management: Interrupt the pattern of hesitation and nervousness when entering trades and develop the patience to wait for A+ setups.
  2. Trade Management: Be a highly focused and mindful trader executing consistently profitable trades.
  3. Money Management: Increase consistent returns and take your trading to a whole new level.
  4. Discipline: Eliminate the negative pattern of taking too much risk.

What You'll Need

  1. Internet access, phone, computer, Zoom.
  2. A DESIRE TO TRY SOMETHING NEW: The exercises in this challenge could be unlike anything you've ever done before. Just keep an open mind and be open to trying something new.
  3. COMMITMENT: You've got to be committed to the entire 5 days. If you know you're the type of person that gives up easily, your time would be better spent somewhere else.
  4. MENTAL TOUGHNESS: You may experience changes in several aspects of how you trade. We'll probably have to tweak some things. You've got to accept this as a totally normal course of business that will always be happening.

Start Date & Schedule

We started next Monday. Each day, for 5 days, you'll receive a video and email from me showing specifically what your next steps will be and what you should be doing.

How You Will Be Taught

  • Over a 5 day period, we will go over every step of the trading process to identify your #1 trading challenge and overcome it.
  • You'll receive have access to the Challenge Portal + receive daily emails and videos where I show EXACTLY what to do to get results. I'm going to teach you this by DEMONSTRATION. No theory or long-winded filler.
  • You'll receive an accountability partner who will be there to help you along the way and help you past any road blocks or sticking points. 

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Who We help

From Day Traders to Long term investors, Tradechology
supports day traders all across the world.


Why We're Here

How would you like to take the frustration, doubt, and day-to-day grind out of your trading? Tradechology is a powerful platform that provides traders with personalized expert coaching focused on optimizing their trading performance.

Our mission is to help traders identify and work through the psychological barriers preventing them from maximizing their performance so they can have more confidence in their trades, detach emotions from trade outcomes, and execute with precision. 

Trading psychology can be broken down into two main categories; emotional intelligence (EQ) and cognitive intelligence (IQ). Both are equally important but most traders focus on IQ without addressing EQ first. This leads to frustration because they fail to understand why their strategies aren't working despite having a high IQ level.

Tradechology provides a comprehensive solution for traders by focusing on key areas like mindset, risk management and discipline you'll be able to improve your performance and start making consistent gains with all the support from an experienced team behind you along the way!


Our Principles

We rely on five principles to inform how we communicate, share information, and work towards our mission. Together, these principles inform the most valuable technology we possess: service