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Clear up mental clutter, detach emotions from trade outcomes and improve your trading outcomes...guaranteed!

Step One: Free Assessment


Uncover What Influences Your Trading

Tradechology helps traders to overcome the #1 obstacle keeping them from leveling up their trading profits: their psychology. Our mission is to help traders identify and work through the psychological barriers preventing them from maximizing their performance so they can have more confidence in their trades, detach emotions from trade outcomes, and execute with precision.


We analyze your system, your psychology, and your trades across multiple time frames to find out where you may be falling short. With this information, we provide a protocol for traders to upgrade their trading psychology, detach emotions from their trade outcomes, and increase confidence in their trading.

Step Two: Interactive Mini Workshop

Negative Trading Psychology

Address The Mental Blocks Holding You Back

Most traders have mental blocks and never realize it. They’ll spend all their time trying to find the right trading strategy or system, but they won’t ever address the real issue—their mindset.


You know that you need a change in your approach, but you don’t know how to do it. You can't seem to break through those mental barriers holding you back from profitable trading.


We'll help identify and address the root cause of your issues so that we can work together towards profitable trading regardless of market conditions or economic cycles.

A Customized Plan To Optimize Your Trading

When it comes to trading, there is no one-size-fits all approach. You need a custom plan that helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and then gives you the tools to improve them.


Tradechology provides a comprehensive solution for traders by focusing on key areas like mindset, risk management and discipline. With our Interactive Masterclass, you'll be able to improve your performance and start making consistent gains with a proven and scientifically-based approach

Challenge Curriculum

See What Traders Are Saying!

"I Fixed My Losing Streak!"

"I'm Ok REGARDLESS of The Trade Outcome!"

"A Transformative Experience"

"Game Changing Tools"

"It's Different...but it works!"


"These Techniques Are a GAME CHANGER!!!"

"After doing this trading psychology challenge, I already notice a change in myself and my trading. I feel more patient, less emotional about each trade (win or loss), and feel like I’m able to lock in and do the analysis I need to to identify the best trading scenarios for me. I’m excited to continue doing these exercises and see how it continues to change me as a trader and a person overall. I’d recommend anyone looking to improve their performance or get emotional control try these techniques — they’re a game changer!" - Randi Williams

Tradechology Podcast

Tradechology Podcast

Tradechology is a podcast hosted by Marcus Howard. In this podcast, interviewers are asked 20 questions designed to extract the important parts of their trading psychology which has made them a success.

New episodes every Tuesday